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collating information for the project
adviser for the building concept
planning the realization phase
project realization (locally '05)
training local craftsmen and instructors (locally '05)

Eike Roswag
Dipl. Ing. Architect BDA

born: 1969, Giessen, Germany
currently living in Berlin, Germany

Member of the AK Berlin Chamber of Architects

2007 rammed earth “House Ihlow” in the ‘Märkische Schweiz’
Architekturpreis 2007 - Architektur neues Brandenburg

since 09/2006 Member of staff at the TU-Berlin, Chair for Design and Building Climatology, Professor Steffan

since 2006 Roswag & Jankowski Architects Partnership

since 2003 ZRS Architects and Engineers, planning and building of a variety of projects using earth as a building material

since 2005 Energy consultancy (BAFA)

2002 Moderation of the “Modern Building with Earth” international conference in 2002, Berlin

since 1994 Freelance architectural work with eins bis neun; including work on the Museum of Visual Arts in Leipzig, Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Science

1992–2000 Architectural studies at the TU-Berlin

1998 TU-Berlin, Seminar on Building in Mexico under Professor Dipl. Ing. Ingrid Goetz, coordination of five building sites with students from the TU Berlin and the Universidat Nacional de Mexico in Oaxaca, Mexico,