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The entire project includes the building of a school as a representative public building, the building of two-storey houses as a model for rural living as well as the design of the outside areas.

The ultimate goal is to gain and disseminate knowledge and information for optimising the use of locally available resources. The improvement of the building techniques is as important as the economic aspects and the creation of a regional identity.

In order to create jobs and to build up a capacity for producing sustainable architecture it is essential to include local workers in the building process. Training through “learning by doing” should help the local craftsmen to improve the standards and condition of the rural housing in general.

The project focuses on three strategies to implement new building methods:


The construction of representative, public buildings to give a positive image to building with earth.

The construction of residential buildings as a model for low-cost and environment-friendly housing.

The training of local craftsmen and constructors as a basis for sustainable implementation.
1st building phase:
2nd building phase:

School building and outside garden area: 09-12/2005
Residential housing: planned for Autumn 2006