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Dr.-Ing. Christof Ziegert

An engineer and board member of the “Dachverband Lehm”, the German Association for Building with Earth, he was the advisor for planning, testing and building with earth, devising model experiments and appropriate earth building techniques tailored to the locally available resources

Dipl. Ing. Uwe Seiler
An engineer and advisor for planning and details

Emmanuel Heringer
A carpenter and basket weaver, he was a consultant for bamboo construction and trained the local craftsmen in bamboo work and special weaving techniques.

Stefanie Haider
A consultant and trainer for local craftsmen, she provided technical support in metal and bamboo work.

Team Bangladesch 2005

Anna Heringer Mag. Arch., Eike Roswag Architekt, Dr. Ing. Christof Ziegert, Emmanuel Heringer, Stefanie Haider, Christiane Liebert, Christine Karl, Clemens Bernhardt, Michael Bitto, Ursula Nikodem-Edlinger-Holzinger, Cornelia Reithofer, Veronika Reithofer, Kurt Hörbst

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