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"Could you imagine a school built out of mud?" was my question to Prodip Tigga, headmaster of METI.
His answer: " know, this school depends in terms of finances on the support of middle class families...and they want to send their children to good schools. What they expect from a good school that what is represented from the outside. A mud school would symbolize to most of them that they cannot afford anything better."
" Imagine children, parents and teachers building the school together. You don’t think they would have a special relationship to the school? That they would be proud of their school? And how much team spirit and self responsibility would be improved? And the fun?"
Prodip, smiling: "Children full of mud? Possible!"

Training the local craftsmen: The development and introduction of new building techniques can have a positive influence on the quality of buildings in rural areas. Even simple adjustments or additions to existing techniques can result in considerable improvements to the living standards of even the poorest families.

A central aim in the building process was to train the local craftsmen and instructors in order to secure the lasting presence of specialist construction knowledge in the region. The development of such skills supports local employment and entrepreneurship in the region.