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“If you give someone a fish you can feed him for a day.
If you show him how to fish he can feed himself for his whole life.” Indian Proverb

Socio-cultural aspects of the materials: The principles of development work place a strong emphasis on the appreciation and use of locally available potential as a sustainable solution. This holds true for the use of local materials and resources. Such vital local knowledge should not be forgotten or displaced by the use of imported materials or manufactured products which consume a high amount of energy for their transport and manufacture. In Rudrapur, the traditional local materials are bamboo for constructions and earth for walls and foundations, straw for the roofs and jute rope for lashing constructions.

Economic aspect of the materials: Local materials are also advantageous from an economic point of view. They strengthen the local economy and create jobs by using local labour for both material sourcing and construction. Building costs can be lowered as the house owners can participate in the building process.

Ecological aspects of the materials: The use of local materials is an ecological advantage. Production and transport over long distances is not necessary and the materials bamboo and earth can be easily recycled without any environmental impact.