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The METI (Modern Education and Training Institute) concept is a very special kind of educational approach. It is the result and product of extensive knowledge and practice of children’s education and integrated rural development by Dipshikha. METI initiated in 1999 in Rudrapur, a village in the northern part of Bangladesh, is being replicated in Dinajpur town and Osmanpur, Ghoraghat on demand of these areas.

Formational and life-oriented education: There are two dimensions to the METI education system. The first part comprises of general education. This part takes place from 8:30 to 13:00. During this session the government syllabus is followed. Subjects like mathematics, languages, science, social studies, and biology are included in this syllabus. In the afternoon from 14:30 to 416:30 extra curricula like painting, songs, dance, writing sessions, clay modelling, handicrafts, role playing, games and sports, etc. are done

The methods practiced in the METI are - lectures, question-and-answer sessions, group discussions, meditation, general knowledge competitions, group study, story-telling, self-study, etc. ... |>