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Bamboo: In many instances bamboo is better than other comparable materials such as wood or steel. It is light in weight and exhibits a high elasticity and tensile resistance. Its good bending and shearing properties make it a universal building material throughout the tropical regions.

Bamboo is locally accessible, fast growing, comparatively low in cost, contributes to the aeration of other building elements, is easy to handle and maintain and can be used for a variety of uses. From an ecological point of view it is also totally recyclable. These advantages make bamboo a valuable locally available building material.

Bamboo construction: The floor, roof and the first floor demonstrates the potential of bamboo as building material.

The ceiling consists of three layers of bamboo poles arranged perpendicularly to one another with bamboo boarding and an earth filling as the surface of the floor. The same construction in a modified form can be used for general residential buildings.

The frame construction of the walls and the roof consists of beams (four layers of bound-together bamboo poles), vertical bamboo posts and diagonal bamboo members. The joints are secured with a steel pin fixed with a nylon lashing.